Benefits of Therapeutic and Well-Being Canine Massage

People who have treated themselves to a massage, will attest to the mental, emotional and physical benefits they have experienced and enjoyed, from even one massage. The same holds true for your dog!

Therapeutic and relaxation/well-being massages for dogs, has been shown to restore and maintain a dog’s health, help with behavioral problems such as trust of humans, as well as detecting early signs of disease and illness.

Therapeutic and well-being massage benefits include: relieving chronic pain from injury or aging, strengthening immune system, improving post operative healing, promoting circulation and oxygenation of blood, improving posture and conformation, strengthens flexibility and range of motion for improved agility.

Having your dog massaged also reduces stress, improves muscle tone from atrophy, overweight, injury, and inactivity, increases energy, reduces risks for injuries, relieves stiffness, pain, and soreness from sports activities, arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Canine massage has also been found to reduce certain behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, fear of being touched, anxiety from emotional and physical trauma, and lack of socialization skills.

Dog owners have found having their dog massaged, improves skin and coat, improves their dog’s ability to focus, improves their dog’s endurance for agility, conformation or rally competitions, and it expedites removal of toxins and wastes.

Not-to-mention, it feels darn good!

Canine massage is a soothing, relaxing and therapeutic manipulation of connective tissues, tendons and muscles. It includes the head, ears, neck, shoulders, back, hips, stifles, hocks and paws.

Normally massages are scheduled for 30, 45 or 60 minutes sessions.

Bottom line: Canine massage does not replace veterinary care. Consult with your veterinarian prior to scheduling a massage, so as not to exacerbate certain conditions and illnesses such as arthritis, cancer, fractures, skin conditions and allergies. If your vet says it’s OK… do your dog a huge favor and schedule a massage. See for yourself, the difference it makes.

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