Clean Eating is Cost Effective Now and Later

A common misconception regarding leading a healthy lifestyle, is that it has to be expensive. That is simply not true. Eating healthy and regularly exercisingnot only makes a person feel good now, but it also greatly lowers the risk of expensive treatment for preventable diseases and health conditions later. With regular doctor and dentist check-ups, and minor lifestyle changes, a person can make big changes to benefit the state of their health and avoid potentially devastating expenses later.

Essentially clean eating is a diet that focuses on foods that are minimally processed, void of refined sugar and wheat products. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, ideally those that are free of hormones, GMO’s and pesticides and high-quality meats like free-range chicken, wild caught salmon and grass fed beef are also clean eating food types.

Most people would agree that a healthy diet is good for you, but the problem most people argue, is cost. Replacing standard boxed cereals, grain-fed meats and “regular” vegetables with higher quality, organic versions can significantly increase your grocery bill if you don’t shop smart. One step you can take right now to make it possible is to reduce your costs in other areas. For example, eating out less frequently can offset the costs of purchasing more expensive foods.

Grass-fed meats and dairy products are important in the clean eating diet, and according to this study from Chico University, grass-fed beef is much richer in antioxidants, healthy fats and lower in bad cholesterol.Budget-conscious consumers can get around this by simply consuming smaller quantities of healthier food choices. Quality over quantity should be the rule in clean eating. Head to farmers markets and produce stands. Buy local produce that is in season. Not only will you be getting better quality, you will be saving money.

Processed fruit juice and soda directly relate to enamel erosion and browning,as bacteria thrive on sugar like the kind found in many citrus fruits in Tampa, FL. Costs for reconstructing damage to teeth from rotting, gum disease, and other preventable oral hygiene defects can be costly and may even include dental implants. Daily brushing, rinsing and flossing can go a long way along with eating the right foods to avoid serious dental work in the future. If you are currently suffering from tooth decay and erosion, make sure to check with your dentist for a dental treatment that is right for you.

Get creative and find inexpensive meal ideas and fitness activities. Running, walking riding a bike, hiking and swimming are all free to low-cost ways to get your cardio in. A lot of these activities don’t really demand expensive equipment and local community centers and YMCAs charge a minimal fee to use their pools. Look for free apps to get in a different workout each day from yoga, Pilates, interval training, and more.

Making small lifestyle changes, along with seeing your doctors and dentist regularly, will save a person thousands (and quite possibly more) throughout a person’s lifetime.

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